Frank Giustra’s Pizzagate History

October 30, 2019 This is part 3 of the Frank Giustra series (1). Please note: This article is not confirming that Frank Giustra is involved in Pizzagate or pedophilia; it is simply compiling evidence that others have documented to substantiate this claim. Frank Giustra is extremely offended to be associated with Pizzagate! He drew international […]

Soros Marijuana Movement Part Two: The “Green” Behind Maxime Bernier

October 20, 2019 Continued from Soros Marijuana Movement Part One: “Best Buds” Maxime Bernier & Dan Dicks Dan Dicks was broadcasting live from behind the Emerald curtains of OZ when he claimed to be red pilling Maxime Bernier. Was he fully aware who he was endorsing? CINetwork decided to investigate “Press For Truth” and what […]

The New World Order, CIA-Inspired Pot Legalization Movement

October 20, 2019 In Aldous Huxley’s book, Brave New World (1932), drugs taught people to “love their slavery (1).“ Is this the purpose of pot legalization? There are many signs that LSD and marijuana are the New World Order drugs. Timothy Leary said the CIA, funded by the banking cartel, created the LSD Movement (2). This led […]

Agenda 2030: Why have food when you can have weed?

October 20, 2019 Originally 4/20 (or April 20) was a counterculture holiday to protest the social and legal stigmas of marijuana (1). There are those that also believe the date is a celebration of Hitler’s birthday on April 20, 1889 (2). Now, the cannabis movement has merged with Earth Day which officially occurs on April […]

The Official response to “Project Cactus” from the Founder & Spokesman of the #ppcPurge2019

October 19, 2019 Off the top, in no way, shape or form has the #ppcPurge2019 team ever collaborated with Warren Kinsella, Daisy Group, or their proxies STAMP, ARCollective, Anti-Hate Canada or ANTIFA. In addition, we condemn the actions, methods, and the individuals involved 110%. They are a stain on our country and our collective conscience. […]

Frank Giustra and Pizzagate: An Examination of the Pizzagate Wikipedia Page

October 2, 2019 This is part 2 of the Frank Giustra series. In Frank Giustra’s 2019 lawsuit against Twitter, covered in a previous article (1), two of his specific complaints were that he was labeled a pedophile and involved in Pizzagate (2). Since he is bringing this up himself, it is necessary to explore exactly […]