Being Canadian: For Andrew Scheer

October 1, 2019

“We are tremendously proud of our cultures, heritage and achievements and we will continue to break new ground. I am proud to be a Canadian and I hope you are too.” » Philip K. Lee 

We are moving quickly towards a federal election. Canadians are more divided than they ever have been. We were told by Justin Trudeau that we have no core identity, that we are a post-national state1. We have been apologized for repeatedly 2 3 4  by Justin Trudeau until, like the verbally abused child, we start to believe that we are as bad as he seeks to make it appear. We have been embarrassed on the world stage by Chrystia Freeland and her inept and accusatory actions against our great trading partner5 and her inappropriate behaviour and dress, also questioning whether it is bad to stone a woman who has been raped in Islam6. We have been humiliated by the many ethics violations of the members of the Liberal party 7. Trudeau and Canada are scorned by many countries in the world: China has dubbed Trudeau ’little potato’ 8  and he proved unable to negotiate any trade deals with them. In India, though Trudeau’s trip cost taxpayers more than $1.5 million9 all it achieved was multiple photos and videos of the Trudeau clan dressing clownishly and dancing foolishly10, a net trade loss of $500 million11 and an outright snub by Prime Minister Narendra Modi12. An additional gaff at this farce of a diplomatic trip was the inclusion of Jaspal Atwal at a formal reception hosted by Trudeau in India13. Humiliation after faux pas after foolish action of our current Prime Minister has caused Canadian foreign relations throughout the world to break down: Iran and Russia14, Saudi Arabia15 and even Italy16. Canada has been maligned, has become risible, to be Canadian no longer is so

Canada needs a change. Canada needs a change very badly. How can we rediscover our national dignity? Who can bring us up in the world’s esteem? Who can return our proud heritage to us? 

“It is wonderful to feel the grandness of Canada in the raw, not because she is Canada but because she’s something sublime that you were born into, some great rugged power that you are a part of.” » Emily Carr 

One leader and only one leader can do this, but he needs help. Andrew Scheer has the knowledge, the experience and the love of our country that can restore our pride, our sense of wonder and joy at being Canadian. But he is failing. The message he broadcasts is positive, he doesn’t descend into personal attacks, merely points out incompetence, bad choices and bad results. Mr. Scheer stands for truth and integrity despite the numerous lies and false stories being circulated by his political opponents. He calls out bad behaviour and speaks confidently about changes that can occur once the Conservatives are in office. But he does not inspire. He does not raise a flag of pride in our heritage.  

Mr. Scheer, this appeal is to you. Canadians needs to have their pride restored. We need to hear you tell how proud you are of Canada. We need to have you stand up and, instead of a ’positive Conservative vision’ clarion forth PRIDE of identity, PRIDE of heritage, PRIDE of nation, PRIDE of our strength. Canadians face far more challenges than many countries with our cold expanses, our defiant winters, our too-short summers, our rocky soils and windy fields. Yet we PREVAIL! Tell us that! Tell us YOUR joy in this country, inspire us with YOUR awe of our accomplishments. We want your voice to ring out, calling on Canadians to unite, to stand tall, to face the world with pride. Have you seen the sublime peaks of the Rockies? Have you stood on a windy cliff in Newfoundland? Have you navigated the surges of Lake Superior? Have you heard the bird calls of Point Pelee? Do you resonate with wonder that THIS IS YOUR LAND? Give us your ecstasies, share with us your delights, your dreams and aspirations for this wonderful country. Our hearts NEED to be restored and uplifted. We need to stand erect, faces to the sun, and never bow down again to shame and humiliation and embarrassment. Only YOU can do this. 

If you do this, you will win. We will be yours and you will draw the discouraged, the despairing, the disillusioned back into the fold. We are Canadians first and we will vote Conservative because YOU have inspired us. 



2 thoughts on “Being Canadian: For Andrew Scheer

  1. Have you considered being Canadian for you, your family, freedom, and to preserve Canadian national sovereignty?

    Filed Lawsuit of 10 Million Dollars for Each Canadian Citizen and Indigenous Person in Canada Oct 2019

  2. thanks and shared !! excellent article and Scheer needs the support of Canadians now more than ever.. the attacks on twitter are relentless.. God I hate twitter .. such a nasty shitty medium .. some good advocacy there though.


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