“Fake News” Coined To Cover-Up Pizzagate

November 4, 2019

This is part four of the Frank Giustra series.

There has been a theory that has circulated online for several years now that the term “fake news” was primarily created to cover-up Pizzagate (1)(2)(3). Wikipedia states that “fake news” is a neologism, a “relatively recent or isolated term…and may be directly attributable to a specific person, publication, period, or event.” The “fake news” page itself was not even created until November 15, 2016, which is roughly one month after a batch of John Podesta’s emails was released (4)(5)(6)(7). It appears that “fake news” was coined to cover up Wikileaks’ release of the Podesta/Clinton emails, and by extension, Pizzagate and everything else surrounding the event.

In order to determine the correlations between Pizzagate, Wikileaks, and “fake news”, we use a simple Google tool that enables people to search keyword trends over a number of different time periods and locations around the world (8). When “Pizzagate” and “fake news” are entered, it appears that “fake news” was not something the media mentioned at all until after the Wikileaks emails were released. It even looks like the two searches arose in the same week, from November 27th to December 3rd, 2016 (9):

And if you add Wikileaks to the graph:

If you add “Podesta” to the search:

It looks like the Wikileaks release led to more Podesta searches, which led to Pizzagate, which led to the creation of the term “fake news”. Remember from our last article, no one, including Clinton, Podesta, or even Alefantis from Comet Ping Pong ever said that the Wikileaks emails or related social media posts are fake (10). This leads to the conclusion that “fake news” was indeed perpetuated to cover the very real news that these people are sick.

Podesta was already gross before Pizzagate broke.

As always, Frank Giustra managed to fly under the radar. Maybe it’s the private jet of his.

But, at least some people in Canada knew what to look for:

There are several other interesting graphs. This one from South Africa illustrates that it was probably Wikileaks itself that inspired the “fake news” craze. It looks like people started researching Wikileaks in South Africa slightly before the U.S., and sure enough, people in a panic started yelling that it was fake. Pizzagate itself appeared at the same time as the 2016 release of the emails.

Something else more recent seems to have inspired another huge uptick in the usage of “fake news” in South Africa. Could it have something to do with white farmers? It sure looks like it!

Some countries censored Pizzagate and Wikileaks entirely. In Saudi Arabia, a lot of people started searching for Wikileaks in 2015, and then basically never again! The country’s internet search history appears as highly-regulated static:

It also appears that some people (not enough) started to link Jeffrey Epstein to Pizzagate:

At any rate, it is interesting to research different combinations of these keywords and how people in different countries experienced the Wikileaks email releases and related content.

In summary, it does appear that Wikileaks inspired a global phenomena to shield people from the truth by slapping a “fake news” label on everything that threatened to expose the truth about evil, powerful people hell-bent on causing suffering. The only thing we can do is to keep asking questions, keep doing research, and backup and archive everything (11)(12)(13)!

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