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Question: Why is the People's Party of Canada going behind my back to the local media in Oxford County? Why is the party…

Posted by Jordan Kent on Thursday, May 2, 2019

From Nigel Sharp Maxime Bernier’s new team has been fervent about what a milestone it is to register 338 EDA’s. Easy to do that when you put the same names for 4 ridings. Also, Koltyn is a candidate too. Candidate and President for 4 ridings, how does that work? so he’s CEO of ridings with no candidate as well, how does that work? Ridings in NFLD, NB and Ontario.

“The bigger point in all of this is that if the new team behind Maxime is willing to cut these kind of corners just to be able to say they have 338 E.D.A’s registered what else are they lying to you about?”

also Nigel is updating daily so there are more posts to glean from his twitter


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