Dossier: Maxime Bernier and UNPA

  • If you look at the UNPA campaign there are milestones in its history scroll to 2007 and you will find that the Canadian government had set up a review committee to look at the UNPA. It’s on the UNPA website here.
  • There was a committee set up to study the UNPA in 2007 following community support for it by the world federalist movement in 2007 (Vancouver) there were even rallies in Ottawa.
  • This is the committee report released July 11, 2007 when Bernier was making the transition as Minister of Foreign affairs (He became minister in August 14, 2007 but the report was also submitted to the HOC members and PRESENTED in the HOC by tabling it to the HOC on July 11, 2007… AND DIRECTLY TO HIS OFFICE the committee was formed to study the UNPA and its formation. This would have been ON HIS DESK as soon as he took office in August 2007). Here are the minutes stating that it was going out to HOC members:
  • The UNPA was designed in 2007. Bernier was foreign affairs Minister he worked directly with the United Nations.
  • UNPA first conference was held in Geneva on November 2007 when Bernier was Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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