Dossier: @ScheerMustGo IS #PowerCorpAxis Cabal

The Conservative Party of Canada is entrenched in a civil war. The war is between progressives and social conservatives, and it is real.

The cpc is already moving on scheer! That’s according to a new report from the Globe And Mail, which cites several anonymous sources from within the Conservative Party saying that supporters of Peter Mackay, a former Conservative cabinet minister, will mount their own leadership campaign for him if Scheer loses. According to those anonymous sources, Scheer may not be able to hold onto his leadership position after the upcoming leadership review in 2020 if he can’t form a Conservative government. The Globe and Mail also reports that Peter Mackay has so far been unaware of the attempts to nominate him for a leadership bid. “No, I’m not [aware], and I’m doing everything I can to help Andrew and support him and his team. I’m not entertaining that at all,” Mackay said, according to the Globe.i predicted mackay in january https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/andrew-scheer-reportedly-may-not-be-the-conservative-leader-anymore-if-he-loses


They are promoting Jason Kenney too https://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/article-is-jason-kenney-destined-for-a-return-to-federal-politics/

List Of @ScheerMustGo Cabal Members

CPC President hopeful… https://twitter.com/aronseal/status/1189605907035906049


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Another Dragon is for MadMax






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