REQUIRED READING: The Canadian Establishment by Peter C. Newman

December 31, 2019 People want us to back track and give details on the past. While we agree, that would be fun, we will instead suggest the work of Peter C. Newman who detailed the Canadian Establishment until 1998. After that, Peter seemed to believe the establishment died. Well, it did not, instead the Canadian […]

@ScheerMustGo IS Harper & Associates

Updated January 4, 2020 The Conservative Party of Canada is entrenched in a civil war. The war is said to be between progressives and social conservatives, but it is far more simplistic than that. originally published as “Dossier: @ScheerMustGo IS #PowerCorpAxis Cabal”. Long before the October 21, 2019 federal election, agents inside and outside of […]

VIDEO: Summary of “From Babylon to America”

December 23, 2019 The following summary contains artwork and commentary directly from the movie. Please visit the School for Prophets website or YouTube channel for more information. Most importantly, please thank God for this amazing group of people who are trying to spread Biblical truth to the world to prepare us for the return of […]

Sir Bryan Brulotte: Harper’s Aspiring Illuminati PM

December 22, 2019 Bryan Brulotte has announced he is intending to run for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership, he is just waiting for the party to lay out the rules for the contest, but he insists he is ready to run after talking to party members across the country. Well, Brulotte may […]

Facts & Figures: The Ugly Truth About Replacement Migration In Canada

December 21, 2019 (It’s a constantly repeated lie that temporary workers are only temporary. They will return home once their visas expire, and not become permanent residents.) (It’s also a lie that students will return home. In most cases, they are eligible for the PGWP, and many transition directly to permanent residents.) (International Mobility Program, […]

DOSSIER: Mennie Mexico Slides

December 16, 2019 Canada Strategy Regarding Work Competencies Workshop to support economic growthMexico, September 2004 Authored by Johanne Mennie (ref) Slide 4 Translation: Strategic objectives Faced with these challenges, there is a need to reconsider and modify employment programs so that they respond to changes in the labor market: -An employment system that encourages the […]