Andrew Scheer Scheerly Schredded by Q

January 9, 2020
-Updated January 11, 2020

Over the holidays on Twitter, Andrew Scheer was accused by some Q accounts of being involved in two things. One of them is already well-known and involves a town hall discussion that has plagued Scheer ever since: an audience member openly accused the Clinton Foundation of child sex trafficking and being involved with Pizzagate. The man asked Scheer if there was any way that taxpayers would get back the money that the Trudeau government gave to the Clintons. Scheer did not immediately correct the man, and all hell broke lose.

This was not a reaction that people are accustomed to. The word “debunked” was nowhere to be heard! People noticed the lack of an acceptable response from Scheer, and accused him of catering to an “alt-right” base (1). Everyone waited to see what he was going to do next. He ended up issuing two statements, one saying he did not hear the question, and in the second statement, he did what the mainstream media should have been happy with: he called Pizzagate a “misinformation campaign.” He’s right; there is misinformation about the theory from all sides (2).

The other accusation involves allegations that Scheer may have information to share about his wife’s family’s possible involvement with a document that was declassified by the FBI at the end of October, 2019, about a cult known as the “Finders.” We will explore all of the allegations in this article.

The Conversation and Accusations

Note: “AS” is Andrew Scheer

Accusations and Concerns

So, Scheer is being accused of covering up Pizzagate, and presumably for his in-laws regarding the Finders, and that he used his budget as Speaker of the House to assist Harper in doing Harper things (3). Also, he must have information about Uranium One, Haiti, Iraq and other world events that are not public. There is also another disturbing story that appeared in the thread, relating to Ontario Conservative leader Doug Ford and the Clintons (4).

It looks like Andrew Scheer is being held responsible for apparently holding back knowledge that can possibly put an end to the suffering of children and others at the hands of corrupt and perverted leaders. He is someone who is a high-profile politician, and has been involved in Canadian politics for almost his entire adult life. What does he know? People want him to tell everyone what’s going on with everything. Can he? Will he?

The Town Hall

Scheer’s Pizza Tweets

Was the CPC just trolling everyone with these tweets to ride on the publicity of his town hall event?


Everyone we’ve known who has been directly accused of anything involving Pizzagate has been ready to vehemently deny and ridicule it. It does not seem allowed in society for someone to chose to ignore it or to have a different opinion, especially for anyone who is high-profile. However, it’s not as cut-and-dried as everyone seems to think.

First of all, it is impossible to debunk Pizzagate. Sorry folks, it’s not just one restaurant nor one basement. Anyone who hinges on these events to dismiss the whole thing has not heard the full story (5). Now that we have that out of the way, let’s look at how Andrew Scheer handled his Pizzagate moment:

Perhaps the optics are bad, and the pizza tweets were in extremely bad taste However, this does not prove that Scheer had anything to do with Pizzagate besides being asked. Perhaps because he did not blurt out immediately that it was debunked it is more likely that he was not involved. The programmed response just wasn’t there, which also could mean that he just never expected to get asked about that topic.

As far as his first statement, is it possible that Scheer did not hear the mention of Pizzagate and child trafficking? It is highly unlikely, however no one on the planet can tell us exactly what Scheer heard except for himself. There is just no proof of what he heard or didn’t hear, other than what he is telling us. All we know is that he heard “Clinton Foundation” because he repeated it. If he didn’t hear the rest, then it does prove that he was a terrible town hall host who was supposed to be listening to questions carefully.

As far as his second statement, it is really not surprising that he fed people the same line that everyone uses when it comes to the topic. The other thing is that Pizzagate, as it is presented by the media, is indeed ridiculous. He ended up calling Pizzagate misinformation, which it is, if you are talking about the version that the MSM is pushing. So, Scheer was telling the truth about that one, whether he knew it or not.

The Finders

While the 2019 release of the FBI’s “Finders” document garnered a lot of attention, at least on Twitter, the story itself actually began in the 1960s and 1970s (6) and people have been reporting on it since at least the 1980s (7)(8). The document released around October 26, 2019 is 324 pages long, is heavily redacted, and 176 pages were completely removed (9).

Finders’ Keeper

There were several Twitter threads that were started to try to compile the data (10).


This amazing 18-part series of videos premiered on March 20, 2019 and details everything people knew up about the Finders before the release of the FBI document:

Mr. Metokur’s coverage of the Finders shortly after the release of the declassified document:

Jill Scheer’s Family’s Connection to The Finders

While the Finders cult itself was based in the United States, at around the time of the stories breaking in The Washington Post and The New York Times, a wave of panic spread across the U.S. and Canada about possible satanic cults operating in various places. This is now known as being part of the “Satanic Panic” of the 1980s and 90s (11).

In Canada, panic manifested itself into what is now known as “Martensville satanic sex scandal (12).” Because Jill’s family was involved in working with children and families in the same vicinity, who were troubled or in foster care, it is highly likely they know or know of everyone who was accused or was a victim.

Jill’s father is Bob Ryan, former director and vice-president of residential care at the Ranch Ehrlo Society, an organization based in Saskatchewan and founded in 1966 by Dr. Geoff Pawson (13)(14). It initially was a residential unit for six “troubled boys” but grew into a large agency that provides services for children and families in need.

The ranch was involved with working with foster parents along with running camps where children who were in trouble with the law were sent. It worked under the Juvenile Delinquent Act and the children were filtered through Canada’s justice system (15). One if its locations, a wilderness survival camp, was the location of the ranch where boys were allegedly abused.

Ranch Ehrlo was also involved in a different scandal involving three children, their family, and their foster parents (16).

Warning: These are all tragic stories with many disturbing details.

Ranch Ehrlo’s 1977 Wilderness Survival Scandal

The ranch was accused of abusing boys in a behaviour modification camp in the wilderness:

1992 Martensville Satanic Sex Scandal

This story was extensively covered by CBC, including on an episode of The Fifth Estate which aired 10 years after the event. It involved over a dozen people facing more than 100 charges and began when a mother accused a day care of abusing her daughter. The only person who was actually convicted in this case was the babysitter’s son, Travis Sterling. Everyone else has had their names cleared at this point and many have received millions of dollars in compensation, including the originally-accused woman, Linda Sterling (18)(19)(20)(21)(22).

1993 Foster Parent Scandal

This is a strange and heartbreaking story involving three children who were put into foster care and exhibited evidence of sexual abuse. Too many people knew there was evidence that the older brother was abusing his sisters, but they were only separated briefly, allowing the abuse to continue for years (23). Apparently, he had coerced his sisters into blaming the adults when it was him all along who had been abusing them. One of the adults also plead guilty in a plea bargain. Ranch Ehlro was directly involved because the children had been in their care (24)(25)(26)(27).

Speaker Of The House Budget

The Speaker of the House acts as a chair for the once-secretive Board of Internal Economy (28). Only since 2017 have the meetings been open to the public (29). The board also includes two members of the Privy Council, the leader of the Opposition and additional MPs. This means that Andrew Scheer has had a say on this budget in two different capacities, one as Speaker, and again as the Opposition leader.

(The Speaker of the House) is responsible for the administration of the Commons, the staff, the precinct’s security, printing and postal services, and providing MPs funds and resources to do their job — an office that comes with an approximately $414 million budget (30).


Andrew Scheer has called out foreign meddling in our economy, including from the Tides Foundation and the Clinton Foundation. He also called the foundation one of Trudeau’s “personal projects (31)(32).”

Uranium One and Haiti

The main Uranium One events happened between 2007 and 2010 (33). The Haiti earthquake also occurred in 2010. Scheer did not become Speaker until 2011, however it is almost certain that he possess insider knowledge of these events (34). Hopefully he eventually shares it with us. The Harper government did come under fire for not following through on pledges, and providing aid through the corrupt Haiti Reconstruction Fund (HRF), which was chaired by Bill Clinton (35).


Scheer’s dealings with Ukraine appear to be related to Crimea, and he was one of the Canadians on whom Russia imposed sanctions (36). Then Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko personally thanked Scheer for his involvement (37). Scheer also supports sending Canadian peacekeepers to the Ukraine (38). He is highly-regarded by the Canadian-Ukrainian community (39).


Andrew Scheer almost certainly knows enough that he could change the world if he were to reveal everything. The fact is that we just don’t know how much and exactly what he is aware of. Would it be great if he could stand up and hand over definitive proof relating to all of these things he is being accused of? Absolutely! Do we even know if he plans to one day spill the beans? What if he is still gathering evidence?

As far as Scheer’s in-laws, some of the events happened before he was even born and he was not with Jill until the 2000s (40). None of it had to do with him personally. If he is hiding things for his wife’s family or friends, that is a different thing that hopefully will come to light.

Perhaps you think Scheer is just another Harper. Think again. There is ample evidence that has been emerging to indicate otherwise (41)(42). Can we hold him responsible for everything the CPC has ever done? Was Scheer the one who made all of the decisions about Warren Kinsella (43)(44)(45)? After all, he was supposed to be the leader of the party at the time. What is also concerning is his background and involvement with the Catholic Church, which will be explored further in a future article.

As far as Q goes, there are obviously many amazing researchers who generate many leads. This website exists partly because of leads from the Q community. There are just so many accounts and web sites that claim to be part of the movement, then distribute false, misleading or poorly-researched material. Some of it is so vague, only another insider could gain any meaning from it. There are likely bad actors trying to plant false information. It’s also a little unfair because each “tick-tock” or crumb does not have to be a huge world event that everyone sees right away. We don’t even know if anything dropped or not if it’s a smaller thing. Do these things even make the news? Maybe it was one arrest, or one article, or one small piece of the puzzle. No one is going to find all of the dropped crumbs. Maybe there are just too many Qs in the kitchen.




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  1. Great article – off with the bang in the new year CIN! Thanks.. shared. I had heard that the mother-in-law got some award for her refugee resettlement work… the plot thickens… the churches and abusers are in lock-step… makes sense! Also, check out the latest facebook video [her youtube is dormant] for Michelle Titler in BC’s work at #end race based law .. she is going hard on the ritualistic satanic abuse of natives!


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