UN Plans to Blackmail Countries for Coronavirus Vaccine!

Do you believe in coincidences? Funny how the big wigs all got together to discuss a Coronavirus Pandemic in October 2019; the UN, WHO, the big banks, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership, the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted the event:

Event 201: Pandemic Exercise Highlights Reel (VIDEO)


At the conference they said that they were going to be blackmailing countries to come up with the big bucks required or they would not be getting supplies of medicine but the UN guaranteed low income countries would be saved.

The UN is hoping that the Coronavirus will close down the tourist and travel industry to help control climate change. And many people in large cities will not be going out of their homes and this will result in huge climate change savings.

China says that the world will not be able to survive the financial meltdown as a result of the epidemic (2)(3). The world will have to move to a centralized currency system to help stave off collapse. US says the world has to move to a “war footing” and the major transnational corporations are calling for an emergency Marshall Plan that will give them huge tax breaks.

The UN is expecting massive deaths from the release of the Coronavirus. They predicted up to 65 Million lives could be lost (4). This pandemic is comparable to the Spanish flu epidemic in 1918 where 500 million people were affected (30% of the world’s population) and 50 million people died (5)(6). By comparison to our world’s population now, at 7.8 billion, and due to global movement of people, we predict the number of infected individuals to be more than 2.6 billion (6)!

The UN is expecting virtual economic collapse with countries down GDP near 11% which is very good for the climate change Hysteria. Credit markets will freeze and stock market will collapse between 20% to 40%. The UN is warning warning that the world will collapse into complete Anarchy that could last for decades!

In an emergency move the internet is going to be shut down in order to “quell panic”. The flow of information will be very strictly controlled at the highest levels. Governments will censor alternative media platforms and internet shutdowns will be implemented. Social media platforms must provide “accurate” information or they will be shutdown as “fake news”. Only trusted media sources will be allowed to report on the pandemic!

And they have already started. Yesterday after CIN reported on the Coronavirus and it’s ties to Canada, China and the Pharmaceutical industry (7), we received a notice from GOOGLE AdSense that they would be deleting adds from our site. The thing is, the main sources we used to write up that article came from the CBC? So what are they hiding? Was the Coronavirus released intentionally? Do they already have the vaccine?

Friends, 2020 will be known as the “Year of the Purge!”

#HumanityPurge #InternetPurge #RealNewsPurge

Let 2020 be known as the year of the purge! #HumanityPurge #InternetPurge #NewsPurge


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12 thoughts on “UN Plans to Blackmail Countries for Coronavirus Vaccine!

  1. Because of the make up of the U.N. western countries should withhold payments and actually defund the entire U.N. efforts around the world, until it’s members are democratically elected. There is no manner of removal of any member except through the council itself. Therefor there is no control over it’s members and none are ever able to be held accountable to the people of the world.


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