Coronavirus, Coverup for Mass Genocide!

The true death toll from the Coronavirus outbreak may NEVER be discovered as China cremates bodies in secret to hide the magnitude of this global pandemic which many believe to have been initiated by them (1)(2)(3)! The Chinese news outlet Initium interviewed several people working at crematoriums in Wuhan, where the outbreak started, who have confirmed that bodies are been being sent from hospitals without proper identification and were excluded from official records (3)(4)(5).

To date, the total number of infected patients has reached 14,013 with 304 deaths (6). Chinese officials are placing the the mortality rate at 2%, however a recent article in the medical Journal The Lancet reported that the mortality rate is closer to 11% and possibly higher since many patients still hospitalized have not recovered (7). Incidentally, you will notice that the number of deaths almost equal the number of those that have recovered. However, since the World Health Organization was first officially notified by China on December 31st 2019 (8), one would think MORE people would have recovered. After all it has been 32 days? Where are they?

Recent video from Wuhan China, the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak, shows clouds of smoke billowing from Wuhan’s seven crematoriums in the afternoon. Why is this unusual? Since the outbreak Wuhan and 16 other cities are in lockdown (9); people were instructed to stay in their homes, schools closed, public transportation shut down, train stations and airports were closed and factories were shut down in order to prevent cross-contamination. The city with a population of over 20 million inhabitants is shut down, with a military blockade and nothing going in or out!

Several reports coming from inside China confirm that crematoriums are working around the clock; there are 7 crematorium burning from 80-120 bodies each daily. It’s clear that the data coming out of China is flawed and this situation is far more serious than officials are saying:


Online reports have also emerged showing Wuhan officials boarding up people in their own homes or wielding doorways, or forcing people into vans:

The military is now ensuring containment procedures are adhered to as military patrols neighborhoods:

But is this the only cover up? This past summer while the world’s attention was focused on the protests in Hong Kong, thousands of citizens in Wuhan took to the streets protesting a planned waste incineration plant (11). Meanwhile, the Chinese government was hard at work silencing local voices on social media, videos and photos of protesters and clashes with the police were all censored. China rarely sees public protests like this. Wuhan dissidents as well as those in other towns, have incited anti-government protests over projects that are harmful to the environmental and human health (11). In 2017, there were also protests in Qingyuan city, also over a planned incinerator where police reportedly fired tear gas into the crowd (11). But why all the incinerators?

If ethnic cleansing is taking place in China nobody knows about it and nobody talks about it. Presently, the Chinese government expanded a network of internment camps and crematoria. Authorities in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur (a self-governing autonomous region consisting of ethnic minorities which include Muslims) were rapidly constructing crematoria staffed by dozens of security personnel to eradicate ethnic funeral traditions. Between March 2017 and February 2018, tenders to build nine “burial management centers” were contracted out for construction with even more crematoriums being built in other regions (12).  

“When asked if authorities are building crematoria throughout the region, the staff member said the facilities “are being built everywhere,” and typically require a staff of 15 people, who cremate two to five corpses each week in a process that takes around 90 minutes for each body (12).”

“It looks like the trend for the future will be cremation rather than burial,” he said, noting that on television “the government is calling on people, regardless of ethnic background or religion, to choose cremation over burial, as the land in Xinjiang is limited in size, and also to protect the environment and create more green land (12).”

“All I know is that they are expanding crematoria at the moment, but the policy regarding their use has not been implemented yet,” he added (12).”

Chinese officials state that these crematoria will help citizens comply with the “four different orders,” referring to governing guidelines for that region: the promotion of Chinese-style religion, encouraging residents to report inappropriate behavior, opposing religious extremism, and expressing gratitude to the Communist Party (12).

Community members say authorities use the crematoria to secretly “deal with” the bodies of those who have been killed by security forces during protests or who have died under dubious circumstances in internment camps; these are re-education camp with intense policing and mass surveillance where Chinese authorities are sending minority groups, including Muslims and Christians, as well as members of the Han Chinese majority, and foreign citizens. Many are sent here against their will and without trial for months and even years (13)(14)(15)(12)! The US Department of Defense claims that at least a million but likely closer to three million citizens are imprisoned in these detention centers (14). Since 2016, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute analyzed 28 camps across the region and found that they had expanded from 465% to 2,469% (15). Why have these internment camps increased in size? Is China now repeating the atrocities of WWll?

One worker at a crematorium in Xinjiang had this to say:

“A very few” ethnic minority corpses are sent to the crematorium, he said, which are “normally brought to us with special documentation provided by the police. The police normally contact the head of the crematorium directly and make arrangements,” he said. We have no right to get involved in these matters, and we have no knowledge of any details of the arrangements—only the officials know (12).”

China’s campaign to stomp out “terrorism” and religious extremism” has gone beyond their original goal of “re-education centers”. These are now “concentration camps” where Muslims, Christians, Chinese citizens including scholars, artists, musicians, political activists and even those posting “politically incorrect views” on social media are incarcerated (13)! And like the Coronavirus they just released on humanity this is just another cover up to a broader campaign whose primary goal is depopulation!



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