Trumpsters Red Alert! Trudeau Spreading Coronavirus!

A disturbing new report coming out of China indicates that Chinese officials are cremating bodies in secret in order to lower the death toll (1). To date, coronavirus infections in China has skyrocketed with a total of 23,892 cases being reported; 492 have died from the illness and 852 have recovered since the first case was documented by the World Health Organization on December 31st, 2019. This leaves another 22,548 patients unaccounted for in the last 34 days? Instead of placating it’s citizens, it’s time the world demand where these people are! Or are we going to turn a blind eye to these atrocities (2)(3)?


Chinese news outlet Initium believes that Chinese authorities are cremating bodies in secret and are hiding the “cause of death” information in order to “down play” the severity of this outbreak (4). Last week, reports emerged on how Chinese Hospitals, doctors and front-line workers were not testing patients for the virus (5)(6). Some families reported on how the official death certificate labelled the cause of death as “severe pneumonia” rather than coronavirus (7).

As peak flu season starts here in Canada there has been more than 15,500 cases confirmed compared to about 9,000 this time last year, which is almost double that of 2019 (8). With symptoms being the same as that for coronavirus the two infections are virtually indistinguishable (9).

Many Canadians are fearful that this outbreak is not being managed here at home, and authorities have not been reassuring. At a press release on February 4, when questioned by reporters on the current number of people currently being tested for Coronavirus, Canada’s Chief Public Health, Dr. Theresa Tam was vague about “authorities that are in place” that are different than those of the United States. She clearly reported that they tested 126 patients but the numbers being reported by the provinces are 251 in total? (BC-114, ONT-110, AL-18, SASK-4, QU-3, MN-2)(21)(22)(23)(24)(25)(26) Why are there discrepancies in the numbers being reported? Why are Canadian officials keeping us in the dark?


This global pandemic has caused legitimate fear among all Canadians regardless of race! And while many are flocking to stores in search of masks and hand sanitizer, both Dr. Theresa Tam and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau call Canadians racists for wanting to ban all incoming flights from China (10)(11)(12).


Apparently, both Jo Kennelley, wife of late Dr. Frank Plummer (who was Dr. Theresa Tam’s mentor at the National Microbiology Laboratory,) as well as Dr. Thomas Piggott (Medical Officer Health-NL) seem to agree that air travel from China is spreading this infection globally at a rate faster than SARS! Are they being racists as well (13)?


The National Microbiology Lab, a level 4 biosciences facility here is Canada has been implicated in what many are calling Chinese espionage where some are alleging that Canada may have had a role in helping China develop this virus. Dr. Frank Plummer was in charge of that facility when pathogens were said to have gone missing and smuggled by Chinese scientists into the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Chinese Military Research Institute (14)(15)(16). Are Canadian authorities involved in a cover up?

The USA, as well as other countries, have imposed strict travel restrictions in response to the virus including denying entry to foreign nationals who have visited China within the past 14 days (17). And while Justin Trudeau is more concerned about earning his seat on the UN Security council and deciding how to trim his beard, Canada is being praised by China for not implementing a travel ban (18)(19). Seriously!

The very same dictatorship that is under reporting the death toll and falsifying “death documents” as the “flu” is thanking us for allowing the spread of what many are calling their Bioweapon (20). And while Americans are distracted watching the Trump impeachment debacle, Canada is spreading the Coronovirus right in their own backyard! Trumpsters Red Alert! Viruses don’t recognize borders… or walls!



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  1. Canadians are terrified, because we have a Prime Minister and Dr. Theresa Tam, calling Canadians RACISTS, instead of closing the boarders to any imports from China-PERIOD….STOP pulling the race card, and get busy finding a way to stomp out, what feels like biological warfare…This feels like a ploy to make vaccines, mandatory…how else, do we thin out the globes population…Hmmm….Why are we only hearing about Covid19 now, when it’s clearly been acknowledged Before 2020-why the cover up?! P.s…..I’d rather pay more for Canadian made, than importing goods, that very well, may be contaminated, with Covid19….feels like they’re more concerned, with being politically correct, than Canadians safety…


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