Ready To Be Microchipped?

1) This thread explains how the UN, Microsoft, Mastercard, Soros, the government, and others want you and your family chipped, tracked, monitored, and controlled. As part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda, it’s now a ‘human right’ to not just have ID, but digital ID.

2) The UN has been securing and distributing funds from a number of sources in order to implement and expand their biometric ID operations for refugees.

3) ID2020 is an organization that is working to fulfill the UN Sustainable Development Agenda. This is from their website.

4) ID2020 is a partnership between Microsoft, the Rockefeller Foundation, GAVI Vaccine Alliance, and a few others.

5) There are some interesting people on the Board of Directors for ID2020. They seem to be mostly UN representatives, Wall Street bankers, vaccine experts, and Microsoft executives.

6) The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) is a big part of ID2020

7) GAVI was started by Bill Gates in 1999 and he still gives them a lot of money on an ongoing basis.

8) Microsoft’s Azure is going to be a big part of the coming 5G network.

9) 5G and Azure together will make up a large part of the backbone of the Internet of Things.

10) Another big player in the Internet of Things is Mastercard. They recently acquired NuData, a company developing biometrics, behavioural analysis, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. Mastercard also promotes the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda.

11) Mastercard and Microsoft are now partnered up in their efforts to advance digital identity innovations. Do you see where this is going?

12) Mastercard appointed two very important people to their Board of Directors in June of 2019. Six months later, the Liberal Government hands $50M of our money over to Mastercard to help build their newest cybersecurity centre.

13) Louise Arbour is, among other things, a former Canadian law professor and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. António Guterres appointed her to be the Special Representative for International Migration.

14) Dominic Barton stepped down from the Board of Directors for Teck Resources on September 4th, 2019, the same day Justin Trudeau appointed him to be Canada’s ambassador to China.

15) He’s also a Bilderberg attendee, a member of the Trilateral Commission, a Rhodes Scholar, and he apparently worked for NM. Rothschild & Sons for a time.

16) In addition, he was an advisor in Stephen Harper’s government and is currently an advisor within Justin Trudeau’s government. Can you see the kind of people who are running things? Trudeau, Harper, Chrétien, Mulroney… middlemen advancing the Sustainable Development Agenda.

17) In June, 2016, George Soros announced a partnership with Microsoft, as well as an investment of $500M into new businesses relating to refugees. Soros is up to his saggy eyeballs in this agenda.

18) The Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative is a partnership between the Canadian government, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Frank Giustra’s Radcliffe Foundation, and the University of Ottawa.

19) Frank Giustra is a Canadian businessman who among – other things – funds mining projects, founded Lionsgate films, sits on the International Crisis Committee with Soros, runs Elpida Home for Refugees, and is very close, personal friends with Bill Clinton.

20) We always keep finding the same names coming up all over the place. These people are interconnected across a vast network of non-governmental organizations, foundations, charities, corporations, and all kinds of other groups.

21) This program is already underway in Africa and has been for some time.

22) It’s starting to happen in the US with pilot programs like the one in Austin, Texas, where ID2020 has apparently been providing the homeless with digital biometric ID.

ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines

23) This has been going on in different countries, and since the early 2000s in some cases. It seems to be a growing trend and the companies developing this technology, along with the people funding and advocating for it, have every intention of chipping the entire population.

24) There are two factors which probably hadn’t been considered by those who would have received these RFID chips between 2004 and 2014: 5G Smart Grid networks and the Sustainable Development Agenda.

How 5G can advance the SDGs

25) Canada’s telecom companies are all set to go, with Telus using the Chinese behemoth, Huawei, as their base.

26) Citizen Lab was formed under the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, which has some familiar partners and invites both Liberal and Conservative speakers to its events. Canada 2020 is a part of Global Progress.

27) It is worth reiterating that the Sustainable Development Agenda is supported by all currently sitting parties in Ottawa. The Conservative government actually signed Canada onto both UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030.

28) We can see that the Canadian government has not only been allowing this to happen, but facilitating its implementation for over 40 years. We can also now see that this plan includes 5G Smart Grids and RFID microchips.

29) We’ve come a long way from the IBM punch cards and numbered tattoos on the arms of Jewish prisoners during WWII.

30) As a boy, Soros helped the Nazis round up, persecute, and ship off his fellow Jewish countrymen during World War II. These people have no conscience, remorse, guilt, or empathy like most others do. They only care about controlling you and your family.

31) I keep thinking about a certain dire and chilling warning from the past. A warning about this very specific thing.

32) For more on the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda, this thread covers it in greater detail:

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2 thoughts on “Ready To Be Microchipped?

  1. The UN needs to stick one world Government in the dirt I will only recognize the Constitution Of the United States of America as the rule of law right after my Bible.

  2. Not for me as for I am under the Law Of The Land that is the United States Of America, The Constitution Of America, The Bill Of Rights, The Book Of Enoch, The Bible, Natural Law,
    Most of all
    The Spoken word of
    The Creator
    For this is chip is against my own intuition of my death of natural being that you see fit on me to be imbedded within my physical realm shall emmit a virus to your system of enormous power to wipe out all data of your sponsors in private sector and no harm to others that have this system

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