COVID-19: Health Officials Lying to Canadians

March 29, 2020


  • On March 4, 2020, Ontario had 22 infected cases with 4 having resolved. If these cases are said to be “mild” (media is reporting “mild cases” as a few days to two weeks of recovery) then a two week infection period followed by a 10 day recovery period (to ensure elimination of viral load) would total 24 days or less, and one would expect the majority of these cases to have resolved by March 28, 2020. However on March 28, 2020, of these 22 infected patients, only 8 had resolved and 19 deceased. The deceased cases could be from later infections. Where then are the other 14 cases from this cohort of 22?
  • BC is reporting large recovery rates. To date they measure recovery as 10 days of being asymptomatic (without symptoms). If this is the case, one would expect total duration of illness and recovery to be in excess of 10 days. As you can see above, BC reported 100 recovered cases on March 23, 2020, however if you look at total infected cases 10 days PRIOR (March 13) there were only 53 infected cases? It is not possible to recover more than 53. The same pattern was seen for March 24, 25, 26, 27, and 28. On March 28, BC reported 396 individuals that recovered, again 10 days PRIOR there were a total of only 186 infected individuals that had tested positive for COVID-19! This leads the author to conclude that BC is not reporting the data accurately and that RECOVERY data is being fabricated!

Sources: Web Archive was used to track daily numbers (1)(2).


4 thoughts on “COVID-19: Health Officials Lying to Canadians

  1. There are zero decease in New Brunswick — but there is also a bunch of crony capitalism going on here too .. Nazi Brunswick are the biggest bootlickers of the Fourth Reich in Canada.. guaranteed… they’re all in on the game… including Kevin “crisis actor” Vickers, the non-elected Liberal Party provincial leader here who is just over the moon that Pat Whalen’s company will make so much more selling 500,000 test kits per week to the rest of Canada.. oy vey.. the sound of shekkels falling here is deafening.

    Kevin Vickers
    Apr 16
    Companies from across our province are stepping up in the fight against COVID-19. Thank you to
    , a NB-based biotech firm, who has just signed on to supply Canada with enough reagents to power 500,000 COVID-19 test kits each week. Amazing news!


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