April 8, 2020

1) The new 5G network that Telus is installing in Canada uses Huawei components as its backbone and, according to the Soros-funded Citizen Lab, it IS coming.

2) 5G technology is going to play a big part in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in their Agenda 2030 program. It affects several of the goals directly. But there’s one other not mentioned in these articles.

3) As part of SDG#16, the UN intends to provide all citizens with ID and registration.

4) A microchipped population has been a big part the ultimate quest of the global elite for many decades. ID2020 is a partnership between the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft, and Gavi Vaccine Alliance, among others.

5) Their website states that providing a digital ID (Certification Mark, as they call it) is meant to help facilitate the SDGs.

6) Do 5G wireless technology and RFID microchips sound like something that would be good for you or your children?

7) Among the thousands of NGOs that support the SDGs is the Canadian International Council (CIC), which is Canada’s version of the Council on Foreign Relations in the US and Chatham House in the UK. They directly influence our governments on a variety of issues.

8) Peter Munk (Barrick Gold, Munk Debates) had a big influence on the CIC.

9) The Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy – which, as we saw above, funds Citizen Lab – plays a big role within the CIC. Look at the type of people they get as speakers for their events:

10) Global Progress is the umbrella under which Canada 2020 exists.

11) These are the partners for Canada 2020. How many do you recognize? Telecom, Oil, Banking, Finance/Insurance, etc.

12) Is it clear now that the Liberal and Conservative parties do not represent Canadians? They work for these corporations and the UN and they want you and your family microchipped and tracked. There is absolutely no way to refute this based on what we’ve seen here.

13) We need to be getting in the faces of every Member of Parliament in the country over this, regardless of the party they represent or the party you voted for! If we don’t stop this now, you’re going to see this happen to your children. Are you mad yet?

14) This may be made into a ‘trendy’ new thing to do.

15) Somark successfully tested this in 2016.

Invisible RFID Tattoo Planned for Humans

16) The Rockefellers et al are involved in so many of these global NGOs. They have founded many of them, including the Trilateral Commission. Here’s the Great Seal for the group:

17) This is going to get biblical! Will you let it happen, or will you resist this?

18) What can we do about this? Call your MP, your MLA, your Mayor, and your town/city councillors. We need to get ICLEI out of our municipalities. We need to get every single UN hook out of our communities. We are going to have to get mad and get involved if we want to stop this.

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  1. World patent 2020 060606 filed by Microsoft Technologies is literally the patent for the mark of the beast. It talks about using nano technology in the body as a crypto currency to be able to buy and sell. THE PATENT NUMBER IS 666!!!! Wake up people! God is real and so is the Devil. This was prophesied 2000 years ago in the bible. God bless everyone that reads this.

  2. Great article.. have shared with thanks in New Brunswick.
    Much appreciate the thorough content and hope more people come to this site!!!
    – S.A.C.


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