4 thoughts on “Dan Costello, International Trade Specialist, Global Trade Threat Assessment: CCP China

  1. Why they ever started to allow massive numbers of Chinese people to come to live and purchase property in Canada is a big indicator of why our nation has been so messed up for so long.. it should never have been the case that we allowed ANY people from a supremicist nation that treats its people so badly. We know that our politicians have sold us out but beyond that we need to understand that the WW2 never ended and the nazi evil “prince” Phil is the extortionist behind “queen” Liz the pretender/fake royal… once we can expose that truth we will be in a position to fix this shit.. but not until then. Hopefully your website becomes vanguard in Canada and breaks this Hallett Claim story [ kingof.uk ] because all of the commonwealth is in INTERREGNUM…. Thanks for listening/paying attention to my nudges from downeast.

  2. It’s not communist China yet. Not yet. Have been reading your blog from time to time over the years. They know all our bloodlines as well as they know their own, I reckon.

  3. In ancient Rome there was a senator named Cato and he ended every speech he gave in the Senate with the same words. Carthago delenda est. In English it translates to Carthage must be destroyed. We need to start ending all of our speeches with the words China must be destroyed.

  4. The new version of the Cold War has just begun. Good. We need to be on a Cold War footing. It acknowledges the fact that we have always had enemies and always will.

    China has come out of a long march from the rice paddy economy of a backwater nation to a place with a great many industries and about 50% of the population now living in a modern economy.

    It would not seem like living well to me or you. Society there assigns social credit accounts to everyone. Poor ratings on this scale will affect your life in every aspect, including your freedom to travel outside your township, or buy a car or be allowed to drive. That consigns you to a status in society that is all in the hands of government and their bureaucracies. All of life is like this for a people who exist by the hundreds of billions, and their leadership exists as a force in the world dedicated to see everyplace modeled on their system of political economy, Jackboots and all.

    Not for me. Let’s stop pretending that they don’t want to use us up and toss us away, because they are making headway as we speak. The virus is an act of war.


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