Canada Funding COVID-19 Vaccine Research Linked to Big Tobacco

1) Is this simply another incredible coincidence, or evidence of something else? Read this and decide for yourself.

2) A few very interesting screenshots were posted under my thread from Jan 25 about the connections between Canada and the Wuhan Virology Lab. Thank you to @Leonard61158764 for posting these. Here are three of them that really caught my eye.

3) The April 1/2020 Bloomberg article says that ZMapp is being used to develop a vaccine for COVID-19 by using virus-like particles grown inside a close relative of the tobacco plant.

4) I find it interesting that Philip Morris, one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, owns the Canada-based vaccine company, Medicago.

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5) What I find even more interesting is that Medicago was awarded a contract in 2014 by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to develop two antibodies to fight the Ebola virus. This Oct 2015 Newswire article gives further details.

6) This is very significant. In my original thread, I’d included a link to this page from the Council on Foreign Relations from June 2017. It says that Canadian and US military research agencies ran the project and that the vaccine was produced in tobacco cells.

7) This PDF document from the Carter Centre was also included in my original thread, but I had missed a few important details.

8) One of the other screenshots sent was from a March 2016 article from Science Translational Medicine, a journal put out by the AAAS. – The PHAC collaborated with China’s Mabworks – US Defence Research and Development funded Dr. Xiangguo Qiu (X.Q.) – The Queen owns the patents.

9) It also says that funding was provided by the same Defence Research and Development program as well as the National Institute of Health to G.P.K., Dr. Gary P. Kobinger, who worked with Dr. Qiu to develop the mAbs at the Winnipeg Microbiology Lab. This NIH page is from 2014.

10) This July 2019 article from the National Post mentions how Dr. Kobinger worked with Dr. Qiu and Mabworks to produce a copy of ZMapp for the Chinese.

11) This August 2019 article from the Saskatoon StarPhoenix mentions that Ebola and Nipah viruses were taken to China from Canada. Remember, Dr. Qiu visited the Wuhan Virology Lab at least four times.

12) This House of Commons document from the Standing Finance Committee mentions how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is partnered with Medicago. It also talks about Medicago working with DARPA to produce H1N1 vaccines.

13) Here are two screenshots from 2014 and 2015 that show that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave over $1M to this exact project. It’s possible there was more given than what is listed on these two pages.

14) This page is from Mapp Biopharmaceutical’s own website. – NIAID (Dr. Fauci) – BARDA – PHAC – US Army Medical Research Inst. – US Defence Treat Reduction Agcy. – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

15) Is it any wonder that there is total silence from the RCMP surrounding the investigation of Dr. Qiu and her team of “Chinese students”? Is it because it involved a military project? No one seems to know what happened to any of them, or with the RCMP investigation.

16) I offer no theories or conclusions, just irrefutable facts that tell a very interesting story. What do you think about it?

17) Here is my original thread on the Canadian connection to the Wuhan Virology Lab:

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  1. What in the hell is going on? Chaos in Canada due to the lack of leadership of Justin Trudeau – the useful idiot who has sold out our nation – I cannot believe what we have allowed to happen in just a matter of five years in Canada.. but then again it seems many people were conned by their media and Trudeau’s handsome face. Therefore I have to ask: is he the anti-christ? He was born at Christmas and I think he has a messiah complex.. this was an interesting tarot reading of Canada/Trudeau from Sherlock tarot in the UK… let me know and her what you think:


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