What’s Up With Trudeau?

1) Justin Trudeau hasn’t quite been himself lately. Let’s take a look at why our Little Potato is acting so strangely and being so reclusive. Buckle up, this one is pretty wild!

2) Trudeau declined the invitation to attend the recent meeting in DC with Trump and Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to celebrate the USMCA – the new free-trade agreement which replaces NAFTA. He had a phone call meeting a week later instead.

3) It might just have anything to do with Chapter 27 of the USMCA; the one that specifically deals with anti-corruption.

4) Norman Traversy and a few thousand Canadians delivered documents to the US Embassy on July 1st which detail Trudeau’s involvement in SNC-LAVALIN and other scandals. Apparently, Chapter 27 of the USMCA allows the US to investigate claims of corruption.

5) There is way more to this than Trudeau’s obstruction of justice by threatening and firing Jody Wilson-Raybould. Let’s take a look at some very interesting connections and you can decide what you think.

6) Let’s start with SNC-LAVALIN’s involvement in corruption in Libya.

7) SNC-LAVALIN paid for Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saadi Gaddafi, to go on a cross-Canada bender. He got all the booze, drugs, and hookers he could handle.

8) This is where Trudeau’s connections to the Bronfmans come in. Stephen Bronfman is a very close friend of Justin Trudeau and he has been involved in fundraising for the Liberal Party. The Bronfmans have been long-time friends with the Trudeaus.

9) Stephen is cousins with Sara and Clare Bronfman, who pleaded guilty to their involvement in the sex-trafficking cult, NXIVM.

10) Sara Bronfman is married to Basit Igtet, who was appointed as a Special Envoy to the Libyan National Transitional Council after the overthrow of Gaddafi and the Libyan government.

11) Here is Basit Igtet pictured with John McCain, the same John McCain pictured here with the leaders of ISIS as well as Mouaz Moustafa of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. Here’s Moustafa pictured with Canadian Defence Minister, Hajit Sajjan.

12) It’s also interesting that Emma Griffin, the wife of former SNC-LAVALIN CEO, Neil Bruce, worked for Stephen Bronfman. It appears as though they’ve since fled the country.

13) The Bronfman family has some much bigger connections though. Members of the Bronfman family have been close business partners with Les Wexner and Robert Maxwell.

14) Les Wexner founded Victoria’s Secret and bankrolled Jeffrey Epstein’s sex-trafficking operations. Robert Maxwell is the late father of Epstein’s partner and accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell. Both Wexner and Maxwell had been accused of working with Mossad.

15) Edgar Bronfman Jr.’s name is found in Epstein’s infamous “little black book”. Edgar Jr. is cousins with Stephen Bronfman.

16) It’s no secret that the Clintons were/are good friends with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. Here’s Ghislaine at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

17) Hillary was apparently working with and accepting illegal campaign donations from NXIVM cult members.

18) We’ll also remember her involvement in the Benghazi attack, just eleven months after the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya, when she was Secretary of State under Obama.

19) This is just the publicly available info that can be found on Google, but we know how close these people are. These connections cannot merely be coincidental. Please share this info with everyone you know!

20) I’ll add to this thread as more info becomes available. Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial is set for one year from now, but a lot will surely happen before July, 2021.

Ghislaine Maxwell denied bail in Epstein sex trafficking case

22) For more on Trudeau and his connections to the WE Charity scandal, see this recent thread. Stay tuned!

23) Now, consider Trudeau’s friendships with convicted pedophiles Peter Danglish, Christopher Ingvaldson, and Ben Levin.

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3 thoughts on “What’s Up With Trudeau?

  1. Exhausting keeping up with all these bad vibes tribe activities… they’re remarkably organized and scheming… and as Greg Hallett says ‘the world is run on shame’ .. Thanks. Canadians are due for some good news but in these second regime Trudeau 2.0 years I fear they may be best advised to turn off their TVs, twitter feeds and facebook spews… cos now I honestly think that ignorance was truly bliss. However dark we think it is is nothing compared to what the victims of ritual abuse, paedophilia, human trafficking and pedovores have experienced and will continue to experience… the old days they handled these people within the village and left them dangling for the public to view for their sins…… just watched “Out of the Shadows” – a pretty decent flick at outofshadows.org .. for the normies its a great eye opener if you haven’t seen it yet and I’m told I have to watch Fall of the Cabbal as well… but I can only take so much of this shitshow – like most Canadians I just want to be left alone for the remainder of my existence because it turns out the red pill is actually a black enema.

  2. Great tweet and great article.. Shawn Paul Melville should know I can’t use Twitter or Facebook but I do follow his stuff and I think he and his crew are definitely one the best published websites here in Eastern Canada… best wishes folks.. love from Unescoville… New Brunswick… #no face masks #no fear 2020

    The people funding the covid hoax, BLM, Antifa, are the same people who funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Mao’s Cultural Revolution and BOTH SIDES of World War II.



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  3. Don’t worry too much – when Lord Thundering JESUS comes back, He will kick RIGHTEOUS ASS and has reserved a Soecial Place in Hell for all the Satanic Peso Cabal-lists … 😬😲😁🙏🏻👍🎯😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


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