COVID-19 Measures Superior Court Lawsuit

COVID-19 Measures Superior Court Lawsuit:

Masks Don’t Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy by D. G. Rancourt, phd

Interview with Constitutional Lawyer, Rocco Galati:

PETITION: No To Mandatory Vaccinations For Coronavirus


5 thoughts on “COVID-19 Measures Superior Court Lawsuit

  1. Just got a box of face masks by courier.. I guess the company thought they needed to provide the staff with them .. made in Canada… eh? Clown world 2020… who could have predicted how nutty the show would get… ? Good article.. thanks .. shared at the blogger.

  2. Thank you gentlemen for sharing this with us. I shared and pray that people will open their eyes. At this point, I have lost family members, friends and others when I shared the truth. Badgered in public for not wearing a mask, shouts, yelled at, the death stare, physically jumping away from me and my husband being told to leave a tim hortons while he was drinking his coffee, coughed and another table complained and wanted him removed because they were ‘afraid’ to catch something has been too much. The local health dept advising us, when we called to talk to them about the incident at Tim Hortons, we were told that they had the right to ask my husband to leave. I asked if a person was in a restaurant and eating with their family and coughed would they be asked to leave? We were advised that YES you could be. This is unheard of. This is not right. I clear my throat after certain things that I eat. I run the risk if I cough that I will be waiting in the car while my family are finishing their meal in a restaurant? This as we know, involves all of us and the directions that different ‘depts’ are advising people of are ‘all over the place’. We know that it is not for the greater good of the citizens worldwide.

  3. We will all regret what is coming if we do not try to alert others and encourage them to resist … the mask is just the beginning.. their plans for The Great Reset have been exposed and we are the messengers for waking up others who are still intranced with MSN. … keep shining the light for others in Canada – many thanks Civilian Intelligence Network authors/publishers.. I will be putting up banners for your website.. God bless Molly, and Shawn, and team.. much appreciate your efforts. We are many, they are few [albeit wealthy]. [ The Great Reset EXPOSED ]

  4. Is it not a “Supreme Court Law Suit”. It was filed in the Ontario SUPERIOR Court of Justice on or about July 6th, 2020. The Supreme Court of Canada is our final appellate jurisdiction. Superior Courts in the Provinces are first-instance, where this case was filed. Download an OCR’d copy of Rocco Galati’s Statement of Claim on behalf of Vaccine Choice Canada:

    You should interview Galati and ask him to confirm what I think is obvious: if the court grants the relief requested, it will only apply to Ontario. Ask Galati why he didn’t file at Federal Court for a declaration or an order against Trudeau at the federal level, which would apply to all of Canada.

    Trudeau is setting up the “Covid Camps”, buying the tear gas and riot gear, and the syringes, after banning over 1500 types of handguns in Canada, which is not a gun-toting country. Disarming the people is alleged to be the first step toward genocide. The genocide in Canada has already begun with the criminal lockdowns, destruction of the economy — to replace it with the WEF system that Trudeau is working for. Ask Galati if he plans to throw Trudeau out for treason, which would void all Trudeau’s actions and intentions.

    Trudeau removed his requisition for the Covid (Concentration) Camps from the federal government web site, but there’s a copy here:
    Free download: Trudeau’s Covid Concentration Camps & Tear Gas

  5. Open letter to the Legislative Assembly of Quebec and the Government of Quebec c/o Mrs. Jennifer MACCARONE, Member of Parliament for Westmount-Saint-Louis (First sent, in English, on 10 November 2020)

    Lettre ouverte à l’Assemblée législative du Québec et au gouvernement du Québec a / s Madame Jennifer MACCARONE, Député de Westmount-Saint-Louis (Première envoi, en anglais, le 10 novembre 2020)


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