6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Is Leaked Liberal COVID Plan a Roadmap for the Agenda?

  1. We need to pay close to attention to the periphery. This could be another shake down of fear mongering. Stoke the fears on both ends of the candle. Slow Burn. Meanwhile whats going on with the monies. Why are 4200 TFW/Worker visas being approved each month and then put this plan into action. Much of project planning is understanding load and capacity. Have they factored new comers? or is this for one group. Much of the Lockstep is still not in place.

  2. We live in country ran by clowns so this can be called as fake all it wants…the evidence is mounting and we will see the real truth play out over the next few months.

  3. Dec 21 st
    Ontario Canada will begin a secondary Province wide lock down Dec 26 which was preceded by rotating regional lock downs just as in the leaked memo
    Hospitals complaining the are overwhelmed
    New strain of Covid detected in the UK which follows the script
    It’s all going to plan so far so much for it being a conspiracy theory

    1. Shock testing the public and demoralizing them too… its a win win for the politicians who have all sold us out to UN Agenda 2030 – they are nothing more than window dressing for the technocracy at this point .. they have watched us obey, put on masks and beg for a vaccine.. they must be laughing their depopulation-loving asses off at the general public now… and didn’t Doug Ford make sure that the parliamentarians sang “God Save The Queen” in perfect obediance to their fourth reich nazi masters in the UK this year?

      1. You are 90% right. All the talk of Nazis now-a-days is a smoke screen for who they really are. They are the Bolsheviks who murdered over 100 million of their countrymen in the Gulags. Federal isolation/quarantine centers = Gulags. These are not Nazis, they are worse, they are an unholy alliance between the two most murderous regimes in history; Bolsheviks and the Communist Chinese.


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