Robert Pearce: A Nova Scotia Story

A man living in Nova Scotia is speaking out about government and RCMP corruption in his home province that has been going on for a long time. Robert Pearce’s tragic story involves the Nova Scotia RCMP and Liberal premier Stephen McNeil, and includes the loss of multiple homes and the heartbreaking death of his 22-year-old son Doug, who was killed in a motorcycle accident on September 10, 2020. Despite saying that they were thinking of the family and that they notified the next of kin, Robb was never notified by the RCMP of his son’s death.

Perhaps someone isn’t happy about the story getting out about former RCMP officer Seth Thomas’ refusal to destroy evidence relating to an arson on Kevin Saltzman’s farm, an order Pearce says Premier Stephen McNeil is behind.

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When Robert returned to his previous address to retrieve his belongings, he found the locks changed and everything he owned out on the deck. A lock box containing a trophy and his son’s ashes was missing. He contacted Digby RCMP about the box, and was informed that his landlord had a key, had emptied the contents, and kept the box for himself with police approval. He received some of his belongings, but not his son’s ashes, which were going to be used to make necklaces for his loved ones. What is going on here?


Background (Video Summary)

On July 26, 2018, a man by the name of Alex Munroe broke into Robb’s home and stole a motorcycle gas tank (1). Munroe went into the Tim Horton’s in Middleton, Nova Scotia and bragged about the theft. Someone who knew Robb heard him and told Robb about it. They reported it to the cops on July 29, and put up signs about the theft in a local business. Munro was not pleased and he began to publicly threaten Robb and his family that he would “take everything from you that you bought and paid for” if they kept trying to investigate him. They didn’t stop investigating, so he followed through on his threat and burnt down their home on August 22, 2018.

Tom and Mandy Whitman were two of the people that Alex Munroe confessed to about burning down Robb’s house. When Munroe found out the Whitmans told Robb that he had confessed to them, he slashed the tires on their vehicle. Alex Munroe openly spoke about being the one who had burned down the home, and that he wanted to do it again, even if there were children there:

An article written by Laurence Powell falsely claimed that Robb burnt down his own home at 62 Burke Drive. In front of over 60 witnesses, the fire chief Mike Toole passed the paperwork for that arson to police officer Alexander Martinez Arana from Bridgetown RCMP. He took over immediately on August 22, 2018.

Robert tried to take Laurence Powell to court over the false story, but his lawyer was advised not to go to court because it would implicate someone else. The article that claimed that he burnt his own home stayed on the Internet for months.

After three months of trying to get Powell to do something about the article, Robb was advised to speak to the Saltzman family. On April 9, 2018, they had an arson (#2018456618) and the case was assigned to RCMP Constable Seth Thomas. The forensic evidence pointed to Ray Parsons Junior and Gabe George as the perpetrators in that crime. The evidence was DNA evidence, as well as tractor tire tracks from a tractor belonging to the Parsons family.

When Thomas tried to arrest those two, he found his path impeded by someone of “high authority” in the Middleton area who told him to get rid of that evidence. Instead, Thomas resigned and went to the Saltzman family and told them what happened. This man chose the truth over lies and corruption and lost his career over it.

Kwik-Way burning (12:40 in the video)

On September 19, 2019, someone breached the security of Robb’s government file and altered vital information in order to “send threats to his family.” His daughter had hers changed too. The government employees did not know what was going on when all of his mail started coming back, so they printed out the evidence for him.

On November 26, 2019, Robb contacted the police in Digby about what had happened to his government files. He spoke to an Officer “CJ” and arranged to show the officer the evidence when he was back at work on the 28th.

However on the the next day, November 27, 2019, a separate officer showed up at Robb’s house and demanded to see the evidence of the tampering of the government files. Robb asked his landlord/roommate to get his son Patrick out of there because he did not know who this officer was. The officer told Robb that the Nova Scotia RCMP did not have the technology to be able to determine who altered the files. He then wanted to look around the house and see more, but Robb denied his request. He asked if Robb had any weapons and Robb responded that his landlord had a gun. The officer demanded to search the house, but Robb again refused and was put into hand cuffs and thrown into a police car. Two officers then performed an illegal search on Robb’s home and removed the gun, but Robb had the evidence of the data breach hidden and it was not found. The officers released Robb after the search.

This file will continue to be updated as events unfold. Please remember to view the PDF documents for more information.

If anyone has any information they would like to share about any of the events in this article, please contact Molly.

Robert Pearce Twitter Account:

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  1. robert pearce
    Dec 29, 2020
    My son and I have NO RIGHTS whatsoever.
    People can burn down our home, and then steal anything they want from the scene.
    Hillbillies can steal from our dead son.
    Are ya starting to get a nice clear picture of NS ?

    Perhaps consider looking into — your remedy if you choose.
    Recommended by King John III – – you won’t find him on Twitter because they removed two of his accounts in less than six months in 2020…. PEACE AND LOVE XO


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