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Liberal Party of Canada

New World Order

Soros’ Green (& Weed) Social Economic Movement

Universities’ Role in the New World Order

Social Economy, Infrastructure Banks and One World Government


Frank Giustra: Canada’s Deep State Architect

Islam and the West

Sabbatean Frankish Mystery Babylon

Taking Down the Privy Council

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC)

United States of America

Modern Finance


Maxime Bernier & the People’s Party of Canada (PPC)

Politicians Dialectics

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  1. This started when the socialists fled Europe to North America at the beginning of the second world war. They got into our schools of higher education and what we have today is the decaying result.

  2. More people need to follow Shawn on Twitter! Wow.. what a great website.. thanks.
    Shawn 🇨🇦🇺🇸
    Replying to
    Maxime Bernier is FOR big dairy and against the family farm. Max is a Mont Pelerin Society member, a neo-liberal elitest. Max intends to consolidate land and water up to the rich. Max helped author UNPA! Geez!
    7:33 PM · Oct 20, 2019·Twitter for Android

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