The Harper-Desmarais Axis: Destroys Alberta Oil & Gas, Promotes Iranian Colonization!

January 17, 2020. Trudeau, and those destroying Alberta Oil & promoting Iranian Colonialism have their origins in Quebec. At the Quebec Summit 1987 under the Brian Mulroney government, Gilles Bernier organized the Francophonie Business Forum in order to merge Quebec businesses owned by Desmarais (Power Corporation Canada), Laurent Beaudoin (Bombardier) and Peladeau (Quebecor) with the […]

All Parties Are Corrupt: Harper & Trudeau In League With UN & Soros

January 5, 2020 Now is a crucial time in Canadian history where we as a people must stand together to preserve our fundamental freedoms. The political elite are no longer working in the best interest of our nation. Fellow patriots, it’s time we take our power back! The institution we want to save is Canada, […]

Sir Bryan Brulotte: Harper’s Aspiring Illuminati PM

December 22, 2019 Bryan Brulotte has announced he is intending to run for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership, he is just waiting for the party to lay out the rules for the contest, but he insists he is ready to run after talking to party members across the country. Well, Brulotte may […]

Big Pharma Cannabis Distributors Linked to Hitler’s Nazi Germany

November 13, 2019 Tilray is a global medical cannabis supply company with 169 distribution centers in 84 Canadian cities (1). Tilray entered into an alliance with Big Pharma, Novartis, to distribute medical cannabis world-wide and now has distribution centers in Ireland, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and South Africa (2)(3)(4). The Bergier Commission, formed in 1996 in […]

The Soros Marijuana Movement In Canada

November 13, 2019 The current website for Cannabis Rights Coalition, a leader in marijuana activism in Canada, does not reveal the financial backers of this cannabis activist group (1). A historical archive search of the website revealed the sponsors (2)(3). Most are tied to the US marijuana and drug legalization movement financed by George Soros […]

Trump Opposed to UN’s “New World Order” International Criminal Court

November 12, 2019 The International Criminal Court has been instrumental in implementing the New World Order. Canada has lead the charge and President Donald Trump wants to stand in the way. In July 1987, over 200 experts from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, other Commonwealth countries, the United States, Europe, and Israel gathered […]

Dossier: Jocelyne Bourgon: Clerk of Privy Council (1994-1999)

November 11, 2019 Appointed by Jean Chretien Liberals She launched the Deputy Ministers Task Force on strengthening our policy capacity. This was chaired by Canadas Chief Statistician Ivan Fellegi. The Fellegi Report (1996) recommended long-term strategies for policy development, the need to promote interdepartmental networks within government, and recommended that the Privy Council Office […]