Dossier: Harjit Sajjan: Canadian Defence Minister, Khalistani Sympathizer

November 10, 2019 its the infrastructure bank financing social economy in india Who is Harjit Sajjan?Isn’t it ironic how a man born in the Khalistan area of India, and the perpetrators of Canada’s largest terrorist attack – The Air India Bombing were Khalistani Separatists. Does it remind you of a certain American Manchurian Barry Soetoro? […]

DOSSIER: Siva Canjeevaram: Bernier’s Techie

November 7, 2019 Found this guy is he Max’s techie??? PPC – anyone know anything about him? Is Mad Max bringing in Harjit Sajjan or Jagmeet Singh types, I know nothing about this guy… His history…. Kannan Paulraj Managing Director Kannan founded the company in 2007. He is a science graduate in Physics […]