Canadian HoC Foreign Affairs Committee Endorses UN Parliament In 1993, And Again In 2007

February 12, 2020. (Canada’s House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee approved the idea of a UN Parliament in 1993, and again in 2007) 1. Important Links CLICK HERE, for Wikipedia listings on topic. HERE, for archive of 1993, 8th Report, Standing Committee on External Affairs and International Trade, House of Commons, Parliament of Canada, Spring […]

UN Parliamentary Assembly: Proposed New World Order Global Government

January 22, 2020-originally published January 10, 2019 (The globalist UN, showing its true colours once again) (In 2007, the Canadian House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee voted to endorse the idea of the UN Parliament. Stephen Harper was Prime Minister. Self-identified “populist” Maxime Bernier would soon be the Foreign Affairs Minister, and said nothing.) (Seriously, […]

Facts & Figures: The Ugly Truth About Replacement Migration In Canada

December 21, 2019 (It’s a constantly repeated lie that temporary workers are only temporary. They will return home once their visas expire, and not become permanent residents.) (It’s also a lie that students will return home. In most cases, they are eligible for the PGWP, and many transition directly to permanent residents.) (International Mobility Program, […]