Settler Colonialism: An Attack On National Cultural Identity

March 11, 2020 Anthropology is a very young social science, and calling it a science at all is rather generous. True, derivations of the word from Greek roots may be traced to German and Romance language experimentation of the 1600s. Think Merovingians. Yet constructing exotic new words from Latin and Greek or appropriating the cross […]

All Parties Are Corrupt: Harper & Trudeau In League With UN & Soros

January 5, 2020 Now is a crucial time in Canadian history where we as a people must stand together to preserve our fundamental freedoms. The political elite are no longer working in the best interest of our nation. Fellow patriots, it’s time we take our power back! The institution we want to save is Canada, […]

Sir Bryan Brulotte: Harper’s Aspiring Illuminati PM

December 22, 2019 Bryan Brulotte has announced he is intending to run for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership, he is just waiting for the party to lay out the rules for the contest, but he insists he is ready to run after talking to party members across the country. Well, Brulotte may […]