Planning the Downfall of America

June 16, 2020 Original Thread: Summary: BLM=ANTIFA=MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD=UN=NWO BLM is an Islamic Revolutionary Front Designed by the Global elite & Rothschild Illuminati Goal is to DESTABILIZE the USA through riots, social unrest, race wars, under funding police services! The Global Elite called the “Black Nobility” are doing this to implement Depopulation Agenda 2030 Group Includes: […]

The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part Two: Pluralism, Royals, and Banking)

May 22, 2020-Updated June 30, 2020 Aga Khan’s Throne Part One Update: The Aga Khan’s grip on Alberta has been tightened! Salma Lakhani was just named Alberta’s lieutenant-governor, the first Ismaili in Canadian history to hold that role. #Breaking: Salma Lakhani Becomes First Ismaili Muslim Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Canada The Aga Khan’s Mughal Canada […]

The United Nations: Aga Khan’s Throne (Part I: Money Laundering)

April 23, 2020 The Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKF) was created in 1980 with almost twenty percent of its revenue coming from Canadian taxpayers to benefit countries in Asia and Africa . It is an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). Just over the last nine years, the AKF has received over $472 […]

Trudeau’s Containment Failure: Coronavirus Arriving Through Canadian Airports

January 29, 2020 -Updated February 25, 2020 Update: You’re Likely Going to Get the Coronavirus Reports coming out of one of Canada’s busiest airports, Toronto Pearson International Airport, indicate that there has been no medical screening of hundreds of passengers arriving on flights from China (1). Two passengers coming in from China on January 22, […]

VIDEO: Summary of “From Babylon to America”

December 23, 2019 The following summary contains artwork and commentary directly from the movie. Please visit the School for Prophets website or YouTube channel for more information. Most importantly, please thank God for this amazing group of people who are trying to spread Biblical truth to the world to prepare us for the return of […]

DOSSIER: Mennie Mexico Slides

December 16, 2019 Canada Strategy Regarding Work Competencies Workshop to support economic growthMexico, September 2004 Authored by Johanne Mennie (ref) Slide 4 Translation: Strategic objectives Faced with these challenges, there is a need to reconsider and modify employment programs so that they respond to changes in the labor market: -An employment system that encourages the […]

Pope Commemorates Moloch Statue at Roman Colosseum, Symbolizing Child Sacrifice Still Exists

November 18, 2019 “Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god …, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon” Acts 7:43 A statue of the pagan deity Moloch, to which children were sacrificed in the ancient world, is now stationed at […]