“Fake News” Coined To Cover-Up Pizzagate

November 4, 2019 This is part four of the Frank Giustra series. There has been a theory that has circulated online for several years now that the term “fake news” was primarily created to cover-up Pizzagate (1)(2)(3). Wikipedia states that “fake news” is a neologism, a “relatively recent or isolated term…and may be directly attributable […]

Frank Giustra’s Pizzagate History

October 30, 2019 This is part three of the Frank Giustra series (1). Please note: This article is not confirming that Frank Giustra is involved in Pizzagate or pedophilia; it is simply compiling evidence that others have documented to substantiate this claim. Frank Giustra is extremely offended to be associated with Pizzagate! He drew international […]

Frank Giustra and Pizzagate: An Examination of the Pizzagate Wikipedia Page

October 2, 2019 This is part two of the Frank Giustra series. In Frank Giustra’s 2019 lawsuit against Twitter, covered in a previous article (1), two of his specific complaints were that he was labeled a pedophile and involved in Pizzagate (2). Since he is bringing this up himself, it is necessary to explore exactly […]

Frank Giustra Seeks to Silence Twitter Users

October 22, 2019 This is part one of the Frank Giustra series. In April 2019, Canada’s billionaire mining entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Giustra launched a lawsuit against the social media giant Twitter for defamation, claiming that he had been harassed on the platform since February 2015 (1). In his submission, Giustra professes to have had […]

Civilian Intelligence Network Muzzled by Twitter for Mughal Criticism

June 28, 2019. On June 18, 2019, Civilian Intelligence Network (CIN) published an article about the Aga Khan’s grip on Canada and the importance of stopping him from continuing to push his Mughal ideals on the Canadian public (1). In one of the first tweets promoting the article, CIN got a huge, obvious shadowban right […]