Settler Colonialism: An Attack On National Cultural Identity

March 11, 2020 Anthropology is a very young social science, and calling it a science at all is rather generous. True, derivations of the word from Greek roots may be traced to German and Romance language experimentation of the 1600s. Think Merovingians. Yet constructing exotic new words from Latin and Greek or appropriating the cross […]

The Harper-Desmarais Axis: Destroys Alberta Oil & Gas, Promotes Iranian Colonization!

January 17, 2020. Trudeau, and those destroying Alberta Oil & promoting Iranian Colonialism have their origins in Quebec. At the Quebec Summit 1987 under the Brian Mulroney government, Gilles Bernier organized the Francophonie Business Forum in order to merge Quebec businesses owned by Desmarais (Power Corporation Canada), Laurent Beaudoin (Bombardier) and Peladeau (Quebecor) with the […]

REQUIRED READING: The Canadian Establishment by Peter C. Newman

December 31, 2019 People want us to back track and give details on the past. While we agree, that would be fun, we will instead suggest the work of Peter C. Newman who detailed the Canadian Establishment until 1998. After that, Peter seemed to believe the establishment died. Well, it did not, instead the Canadian […]