Canada Funding COVID-19 Vaccine Research Linked to Big Tobacco

May 24, 2020 1) Is this simply another incredible coincidence, or evidence of something else? Read this and decide for yourself. 2) A few very interesting screenshots were posted under my thread from Jan 25 about the connections between Canada and the Wuhan Virology Lab. Thank you to @Leonard61158764 for posting these. Here are three […]

[VIDEO] Doctor Warns: Shelter-in-place is Weakening the Immune System!

Breaking Truth! May 5, 2020 Doctor Dan Erickson, co-owner of Accelerated Urgent Care in Bakersfield, California, is recommending the lifting of Shelter-in-Place orders. These good Whistle Blower doctors own several Accelerated Urgent Care clinics from Fresno to San Diego. He and a fellow doctor held a news conference to release their data and to compare […]

ID2020: Getting Digital ID “Right”

April 3, 2020 1) Here’s a document presenting the “need” for global, digital/biometric ID, brought to us by Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, the World Bank, ID2020, and McKinsey. 2) Mastercard’s analysis of the “need” for a Cashless Society, brought to us by McKinsey. 3) Mastercard’s Executive Vice President, Liz Oakes, is a former Expert Associate Partner […]

Who is Behind Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak?! 武汉非典,难道是一场蓄谋的超限战?!

February 14, 2020. The American Conservative reported on April 12, 2019 that “Steve Bannon Declared War on China”  Steve Bannon has been worshiping the #CCP’s military strategy book “Unrestricted Warfare” and referred to it as his “Bible”. Bio-chemical warfare is on the list of the “Unrestricted Warfare” Steve Bannon has also self-identified as a Leninist whose goal is to destroy everything: Following President Trump’s announcement of Bannon’s new role at BreitbartNews, Breitbart […]

Remdesivir: George Soros & Bill Gates Partner with China on Coronavirus Drug!

February 11, 2020Updated April 9, 2020 As drug manufacturers speed up their efforts to find a new treatment drug for the coronavirus outbreak that has devastated China and has caused a world-wide panic, a Chinese drug company just announced that it has started mass-producing an experimental drug from Gilead Sciences that has the potential to […]