DOSSIER: Siva Canjeevaram: Bernier’s Techie

November 7, 2019 Found this guy is he Max’s techie??? PPC – anyone know anything about him? Is Mad Max bringing in Harjit Sajjan or Jagmeet Singh types, I know nothing about this guy… His history…. Kannan Paulraj Managing Director Kannan founded the company in 2007. He is a science graduate in Physics […]

THREADS: #ppcPurge2019 Executive Implosion

November 7, 2019 From Nigel Sharp Maxime Bernier’s new team has been fervent about what a milestone it is to register 338 EDA’s. Easy to do that when you put the same names for 4 ridings. Also, Koltyn is a candidate too. Candidate and President for 4 ridings, […]

DOSSIER: #QuigginPapers

November 7, 2019 Take a look at B.J. Dichter (@BJDichter): This is the clown behind quiggen.But how odd is that, he went from being part of Omar Khadr’s defence team to being so anti-Muslim it’s borderline Canadian human rights council territory RE Quiggin, The expert in the RCMP who worked the Khadr family […]

Dossier: Ethan “Show Time” Erkilitian

November 7, 2019 that was an amazing find on ethan! here is a story on share humanity here is his twitter page for it they had a share humanity app! ethan was also part of THE LEGALIZATION MOVEMENT (pot) funded by george soros starts at 54:10 you need to see […]

Stephen Harper/IDU Accused of Working WITH Maxime Bernier To Form The People’s Party of Canada To Weaken Andrew Scheer

November 5, 2019 The Peoples Party of Canada opened the door to “conservative” on conservative hate. When Maxime Bernier lost his seat in October, we thought the hate had gone away. What we did not anticipate was the immediate Conservative Party Of Canada civil war that began before the ballots were ever counted. Andrew Scheer […]