DOSSIER: Siva Canjeevaram: Bernier’s Techie

November 7, 2019 Found this guy is he Max’s techie??? PPC – anyone know anything about him? Is Mad Max bringing in Harjit Sajjan or Jagmeet Singh types, I know nothing about this guy… His history…. Kannan Paulraj Managing Director Kannan founded the company in 2007. He is a science graduate in Physics […]

THREADS: #ppcPurge2019 Executive Implosion

November 7, 2019 From Nigel Sharp Maxime Bernier’s new team has been fervent about what a milestone it is to register 338 EDA’s. Easy to do that when you put the same names for 4 ridings. Also, Koltyn is a candidate too. Candidate and President for 4 ridings, […]

Dossier: Ethan “Show Time” Erkilitian

November 7, 2019 that was an amazing find on ethan! here is a story on share humanity here is his twitter page for it they had a share humanity app! ethan was also part of THE LEGALIZATION MOVEMENT (pot) funded by george soros starts at 54:10 you need to see […]