Stephen Harper/IDU Accused of Working WITH Maxime Bernier To Form The People’s Party of Canada To Weaken Andrew Scheer

November 5, 2019 The Peoples Party of Canada opened the door to “conservative” on conservative hate. When Maxime Bernier lost his seat in October, we thought the hate had gone away. What we did not anticipate was the immediate Conservative Party Of Canada civil war that began before the ballots were ever counted. Andrew Scheer […]

The Official response to “Project Cactus” from the Founder & Spokesman of the #ppcPurge2019

October 19, 2019 Off the top, in no way, shape or form has the #ppcPurge2019 team ever collaborated with Warren Kinsella, Daisy Group, or their proxies STAMP, ARCollective, Anti-Hate Canada or ANTIFA. In addition, we condemn the actions, methods, and the individuals involved 110%. They are a stain on our country and our collective conscience. […]

The PPC “Say No to Mass Immigration” Billboards Fiasco

August 29, 2019 By now you’ve all heard about the “Say No to Mass Immigration” billboard fiasco involving the People’s Party of Canada (1). Cody Payant, a PPC Candidate seems thrilled and made multiple tweets showing different locations. He didn’t appear surprised, in fact he was excited and in promotion mode. (2) (3) (4) (5) […]

Johanne Mennie: Deep Mysteries – Deep State

March 1, 2019. Recently, Civilian Intelligence Network (CIN) published a few articles on Maxime Bernier and the Peoples Party of Canada (1). These articles were well-researched and thoroughly referenced, however they raised many questions. We found a dark web of mysteries, a veritable network of connections with nefarious purposes. The questions our readers had were: […]

Canada Has a Quebec Problem

February 22, 2019. Sometime in the late 20th century a phenomenon arose in Quebec from far-left policy writers called the social economy (1). This creeping infiltration of socialism within the rest of Canada was largely enabled by the politicians elected from Quebec, beginning under the auspices of Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chrétien, then Paul Martin and culminating with the current Prime […]