DOSSIER: Mennie Mexico Slides

December 16, 2019 Canada Strategy Regarding Work Competencies Workshop to support economic growthMexico, September 2004 Authored by Johanne Mennie (ref) Slide 4 Translation: Strategic objectives Faced with these challenges, there is a need to reconsider and modify employment programs so that they respond to changes in the labor market: -An employment system that encourages the […]

History of Policy Research Initiative (PRI), Privy Council Office [reprint]

December 12, 2019 Chapter 9: Policy Analysis in the Federal Government: building the forward-looking policy research capacity Jean-Pierre Voyer Policy Research Initiative, Privy Council Office, Government of Canadai Introduction A decade ago, senior managers within the federal public service had a collective prise de conscience with regard to the need to reinvest in the federal […]

Dossier: Jocelyne Bourgon: Clerk of Privy Council (1994-1999)

November 11, 2019 Appointed by Jean Chretien Liberals She launched the Deputy Ministers Task Force on strengthening our policy capacity. This was chaired by Canadas Chief Statistician Ivan Fellegi. The Fellegi Report (1996) recommended long-term strategies for policy development, the need to promote interdepartmental networks within government, and recommended that the Privy Council Office […]

Soros’ Quiet Revolution Through Liberal Elite Higher Education Cesspools

April 22, 2019. Universities have historically been ground zero for revolutions acting as instruments of state formation, steering national identity, and social and political change. Globalization has allowed universities to become more diverse, replacing conservative Europeans with foreign nationals and forever changing the face of “free speech” in western countries. Youth rally for foreign causes, […]

The Number of Foreign Students in Western Countries expressed as a percent.

April 15, 2019. 0