Welcome to Civilian Intelligence Network. This network consists of like-minded individuals that have come together with the intention of promoting Canadian patriotism and unity. Our goal is to help inform Canadians about the political landscape and those within our government whose intentions are to erode Canadian sovereignty. Our members may not necessarily ascribe to the same political ideals and are not a group devoted to promoting any one candidate or party. Instead, we like to think of ourselves as researchers with one common goal: uncovering and releasing information that has been withheld from the Canadian public. This is an open source network and it does not advocate one single political opinion or view, it does not limit free speech or expect its members to adhere to a single set of doctrines. This network serves but one single purpose: to expose the truth. Our vision is to keep the Canadian political arena in check.

We are witnessing unprecedented levels of media censorship and disclosure. Ethical reporting, the cornerstone of our democracy, is no longer viable. Mainstream media no longer adheres to basic principles of journalism and its obligation to tell the truth, remain loyal to its citizens, and be independent from those they report on. They have evolved into organizations built to favour those with targeted agendas. Independent “news” sources too are becoming hyper mouthpieces for their own political assertions. There are YouTubers who have signed non-disclosure agreements with the PPC and replicate the PPC narrative, while insulting others who may act to provide constructive criticism, and they behave combatively to gain viewership. There are “independent journalists” who have now become aspiring politicians risking their entire future, on saying nothing.

The central purpose of ethical reporting is to provide citizens with accurate and reliable information they need to function in a free society. This network serves this purpose. We are the bearers of information, social hot potatoes, using the only platform left available to us in the digital commons: Twitter. Twitter itself has become hostile to people with shared values often called “conservative”. However, people identifying from both left and right spectrum have seen themselves alienated for expressing views that are not entirely political, but factual.

We are equally taking to task any party or politician that violates the public trust. We must hold to account the Big Tech giants holding the digital commons hostage, specifically in violation of the communications decency act section 230. Big Tech has third-party immunity from crimes that occur online, however, they have never had the right to censor. In this network you are not obliged to bring anything. You do not have to ask to take anything. What we have is information, what we lack is a public with discernment. We do not require central leadership, constant attention, or anyone’s approval. We will leave that for the cults.

Welcome patriots and friends!